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Well trained dogWelcome to Effective dog training Devon.

The best dog behavioural service in Devon.

Are you looking for help with your dogs behaviour? I offer 1-2-1  training for both you and your dog in your own home/location. Learn how to train your dog using communication techniques and methods that will make sense to both you, and your dog.


Professional qualified trainer/behaviourist, Fully insured, fast acting techniques.



I have been lucky enough to share my home with many dogs over the years, some have been¬†easy to live with and some¬†have not!¬† In 2004¬†I decided to¬†study dog psychology to understand the ‚Äėwhy‚Äô behind unwanted behaviours exhibited by some dogs.¬†¬†I have helped hundreds of dogs and their owners¬†since¬†working as a professional dog behaviour therapist.¬† No two sessions are the same; each dog/owner relationship is unique.¬†¬†If you are struggling with your dog‚Äôs behaviour¬†no matter how severe or¬†‚Äôquirky‚Äô I can help you.


Does your dog;

  • Watch out of the window barking at dogs or people passing your property?
  • Jump all over your visitors?
  • Attack anything that comes through your letterbox?
  • Show aggression towards other dogs/people?
  • Decide who can/cannot sit on the sofa?
  • Decide when you can/ cannot cuddle your other half?
  • Pull on the lead/won‚Äôt come back when called (recall)
  • Chase cats, other dogs, bikes, joggers, anything that moves?
  • Scratch, bark, jump, at closed doors?
  • Steal/guard food or items stolen from you?
  • Become noisy, destructive or toilet when left alone?


Don’t just put up with your dog – be proud of it! Call¬†me¬†on 07804 135 728


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