A dog is a dog. . .

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The golden rule to follow when dealing with behavioural problems is, if you treat a dog like a human, it won’t be long before the dog starts treating you like a dog. If you study dogs in multiples for any period of time, you will see that they have rules and boundaries, leaders and followers, minders and hunters, nurturers and the nurtured.  Their rules are simple but effective.  The simple fact is a dog is a dog.  He will interpret your body language and voice tone in the only way he knows how and that is by his canine instincts.  He can’t have a look on the internet to find out about human behaviour, your dog has no idea he is dealing with a different species.  When we bring a different species into our lives we instinctively treat them as we do our own species.  So why are we surprised when thing’s go wrong. Distracting your dog with food treats coupled with ignoring bad behaviour will not work.  If you are prepared to open your mind, you’ll be amazed at what transpires.  So many dogs are being relinquished or destroyed, leaving behind broken-hearted owners who followed all sorts of well-meaning advice to no avail.  Remember a dog is a dog, learn how to speak dog and open up the lines of communication.

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