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Dogs are great at being cute and cuddly and quickly learn to demand and receive massive amounts of attention.  This isn’t a problem most of the time for both the dog and the owner. Problems start when things change, such as the arrival of a ‘real’ baby.  This is the time when some dogs start to show aggression.

Often people buy dogs to fill the nurturing gap before they embark on starting a family. However, these ‘dog babies’ who have been over-indulged, over-loved and over-handled easily turn into demanding, time-consuming little bullies! When this happens owners are often confused as to ‘why’ and have no idea where to turn to get help.  They feel that they are being disloyal to a family member and will frequently cover up for the dog, especially if the dog is becoming increasingly aggressive. Often showering the dog with even more attention so that ‘he won’t feel jealous’.

Sadly thousands of ‘dog babies’ are abandoned to rescue centres each year to make way for the arrival of a ‘real’ baby.  If this happeneds to you, don’t give up on your dog, you may need professional help but the problem can be fixed.  Just because a dog has shown aggression, it doesn’t always mean an unhappy ending.  This is what people are afraid of and why they choose to hide a lot of their worries about the dog.  They need to know that aggression can be treated.  There is always a reason why a dog starts to show aggression, they really don’t use aggression to make our lives a misery.  There is always a reason and the treatment should be tailored to suit each particular dog’s circumstance after a clear history of the dog, taking into account it’s personality, relationship within the pack, environment, diet and health.

So, if you’ve just found out that you have a baby on the way and your dog fits the category of ‘out of control’, it might be wise to make some changes and take control now rather than later.

Having a pet dog and a young family really can be wonderful. My three grown up sons grew up with numerous dogs and all have fond memories of each and every one.

Please don’t wait until things are at breaking point and the ‘dog has to go!’ Call, Effective dog training Devon. Today.


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