Why does my dog keep jumping up?

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Jumping Up




There are several reasons why dogs jump up at people.  Sometimes puppies are encouraged to jump up by their owners because of their small size, which poses no problem until the dog grows and reaches adulthood.  A puppy jumping up mimics the way puppies would behave in the wild when the mother dog returns to her pups, this behaviour encourages the mother to regurgitate part, or all of the food she has eaten for the pups to feast on.  During puppyhood jumping up can be instinctive. A hungry puppy will appear over excited when picked up, wriggling around and trying to climb up your chest to get to your mouth to give you ‘puppy kisses.’ It’s really hard to keep the puppy still and to sit quietly in your arms for a cuddle. All the pup wants to do is to get to your mouth to smell your breath and to ‘beg you’ to regurgitate your dinner! ‘I’m hungry – feed me!!’

In an older dog jumping up can be a way of testing for dominance.  Dogs will instinctively aim for height as height also denotes dominance.  A lot of the dogs I meet jump up when I step inside their (?) front door.  The way the dog jumps up gives me an immediate message about it’s status.  Some dominant dogs will grip with their front legs, digging in their dew claw.  ‘Sorry, he’s just being friendly’ says it’s owner. Both the dog and I know that’s not entirely true. All dogs regardless of their size must be trained not to jump up.

Whatever the reason for your dog jumping up, the way to solve the problem is by establishing pack leadership.  You need to show your dog that you are pack leader and will not tolerate a subordinate dog jumping on you.  One thing is for sure, turning your back and ignoring your dog is not teaching it to stop jumping up.



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