Afternoon, Juliet and Cameron here (Herbie-golden retriever in Bampton) I know you wanted some feedback after you visited and I am absolutely delighted to tell you it is like we have a different dog and the impact on our lives (especially mine) has been incredibly positive. Despite Herbie having his knee operation, we are keeping up the training with walking too.  He is now a non-barking, obedient, respectfully behaved dog and is an absolute joy.  Penny (my neighbour who you met) is thrilled with our quiet dog who is happy to pad around the courtyard and ignore the comings and goings of neighbours and visitors without any barking. He is so much happier, as are we all just seem so much more relaxed at home and out. The walking is still progressing but that is probably because we've been a bit stop start with his operation and are limited to 3 x 5 minute walks a day until his knee heals.  But, he ignores other dogs and people in the street and it really feels like we've got our Herbie back and he's the well behaved one! He is thoroughly enjoying his new raw diet and just seems overall so much more content. Thank you Sandra for saving our dog and making him a joy to the family! I'm so glad we found you and had the benefit of your wonderful training.  

Juliet and Cameron Main, Bampton - Golkden retriever, barking, aggression towards dogs, people when out and bitten owner

Good morning Sandra We just wanted to thank you for helping us with our dog Penny.  As you know we had sought help from a number of trainers over the years with little or no improvement in Penny's unruly behaviour. Lilly and I are still in shock after your visit.  Who knew that learning how to 'speak dog' would produce such amazing results in such a short time.  You made it all so simple and easy to understand which will ensure that we will continue with what you taught us. We now all have new rules to follow! Thank you so much, we know it sounds silly to say but, you really have changed our lives for the better.  And that includes Penny's!

Mr & Mrs G. Raynard, Exeter. - Boisterous, pack aggressive, barking ,separation anxiety.

Hi Sandra As requested just dropping you an update over the past 2 weeks following your visit.   Honestly, the change in him has been immense, such a cliche but he is like a new dog.  We've managed to keep all the nice bits, but lost all the barking, pulling and nightmare behaviour.  He still try's it on occasionally, but we feel you'be given us the tools to cope with them better and he soon steps back into line.  It's so much more enjoyable to walk a dog that isn't trying to pull your arms off.   Overall we are so happy with his progress and it's made such a difference to our lives. Thank you!

Ben, Lexi & Reggie, Exeter - Barking mini Dachshund - they love to bark!

Hi Sandra,  Just had to tell you! Elsa has been absolutely brilliant.  Monday evening we had an unexpected visitor (my brother-in-law).  Elsa ran to the door as usual, barking.  I did the command, she backed away from the door.  I opened the door, one more bark, so command and discs.  She went and sat on the chair, my brother-in-law came in, we had a quick chat and sorted some paperwork out, never heard a thing from her.  Sat as good as gold on the chair, not bothered.   Yesterday Mum had the gas man coming, he has been before so knew what Elsa was like.  Mum did the command etc he was amazed, she chilled in the chair whilst he and Mum had a cup of tea!   She has been sitting in her chair with head on the arm, but not really looking out of the window.  No barking with people passing, Mum did the command a couple of times yesterday and since she's not really bothered looking out of the window.   Been out on a couple of walks and she is responding straight away.  I am so, so pleased.   Hopefully, we will continue like this.  I will let you know in a couple of weeks but just wanted you to know how quick she seems to of adapted.  Just got to look into the raw food now.   Thank you so much and will contact you in a couple of weeks.  Kind regards, S.

Mrs S. Coombe, Totnes - Barking

Hi Sandra,  I hope you made it home safe from your trip out to Woolsery. I wanted to drop you a brief update on the boys and how the training has gone over the last week.  In a word 'fantastic'. They have been an absolute dream to have around and the tension and chaos has gone.  We are working on the recall and stop training but even recall has immediately and dramatically improved with Frankie.  The boys are no longer fighting, they both understand to get to their beds in the sitting room and the same when its bedtime they both retire to the utility where its lovely, snug and warm - the night time has been very quiet with no quibble about sleeping there.   My other half has been putting the training into action as well so we are all living by the rules together and being consistent.  All in all an amazing transformation for the whole family.  The kennel has also reported a significant improvement in the boys manners so they are delighted with the change.   Thank you so much for your help, I cannot stress how important it was to make a change for the better, we feared having to re home one of the dogs and now that's no longer the case!   I will keep you updated early next year and hopefully it will again be positive. All the very best, Zoe  

Zoe K. Woolsery, North Devon - Severe sibling rivalry resulting in trips to the Vet for stitches and Frankie & Emilio's owner suffering severe bits to the hand and body. Being advised to use food treats as a way of distracting the dogs away from aggression had in fact escalated their aggression. No treats were used during this behaviour training session!

Hi Sandra, Thank you so much for coming here to sort us and our dogs out.  We had our first evening on our dog free settee and dinner without dogs jumping all over us.  Our first night sleeping in our dog free bed and without any growling from the dogs.This is brilliant our dogs are adapting already. Thank you so much again.  

Mr & Mrs S. A. Plymouth - Stranger aggression, sibling rivalry, unruly behaviour.

    Sandra very clearly and patiently helped me to re-establish the 'leader' relationship I should be having with my lovely 7-year old Cocker Spaniel, Sam. She spent a lot of time observing both of us, discussing the problem areas with me and explaining what I was doing wrong, followed by practical exercises for some immediate change. She was also very clear that it would take patience and consistency to keep his behaviours on course - we are practicing every day! Kind approach, good results (as long as you work at it) and I am so glad that I involved Evolution in helping us.

Nicola M. Torquay, Devon - Barking, jumping up, lead walking, recall.

Hello Sandra, Bumper has spent all day sleeping in his bed without being told to go there.  He was obviously exhausted (as was I)  I called him out and took him for about 15 mins to the park.  He was looking at me and watching me the whole time.  The slightest correction from me did the trick when he even thought about another dog.  We even met his arch enemy - not a problem.  I only used the additional correction once in the park when he forgot himself and it totally worked.  He is a different dog.  You could forget he's in the house.  He came out to say hello to my friend Peg and sniffed her bum.  I did a slight correction and he took himself off to bed.  Peg was astonished, he drove us mad with barking last time she was here.  I called him out a little later to say hello nicely and he was very polite and then went back to his bed.  I even took him out to the park in the dark when he would normally be very alert/ nervous and he was as cool as a cucumber.  He waited for me to go out of the gate first.  I took him off the lead and said 'go home' and he trotted up the lane by my side to the house.  He sat and waited for me to go in the door.  When we got in he just went back to his bed.   You have changed our life.   Thank you,   Helen

Mrs A H Jones, Ivybridge - Barking, aggression, jumping up

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