Hi Sandra, I just want to start with a massive thank you!¬† It was really great to meet you. As you know I did cancel our first session date because I was concerned that I would be getting more of the same, by that I mean treat training, I was told at the time of booking that you wouldn't be using treats but I must admit I really couldn't imagine how on earth you could help me without a selection of chicken, sausage, and the dreaded liver cake! After yet another stressful weekend living with the hyper Frankie I almost begged you to book me in again, you said yes of course, for which I say 'thank you'. Well!¬† The result without a food treat reward in sight was nothing less than jaw dropping!¬† The months of food treats taken from my hand had in fact produced an unruly bully who thought nothing of grabbing my arm, ragging my clothes often catching and bruising my skin (even causing me to bleed on several occasions) Frankie had no respect for me and treated me just like a lower placed pack member. Everything that you taught me (yes, I do mean me and not Frankie!!) made so much sense, more importantly it made total sense to Frankie.   You can rest assured that I and my husband will be following your detailed training plan to the very letter over the coming weeks and beyond.¬† You know dogs and how they think, but more importantly how they view the human world, as I see it that is what changed my Frankie into an absolute pleasure. Thank you again and I will be in touch soon with a progress report. With our very best wishes, Pat, Terry and Frankie x

Mr & Mrs S. Exeter Devon - Barking, aggression, jumping up, recall, lead walking, separation anxiety

Hello Sandra, Thank you so much for your visit two weeks ago, it was a pleasure to meet you. Diesel is much improved.¬† We are trying hard to be consistent and life has been chaotic in the house as we are having our bathroom replaced.¬† This has meant strangers in the house!¬† Previously this would have been a¬†nightmare, it hasn't been without its blips but has been much improved. We switched Diesels diet immediately to raw food.¬† We believe this has been another positive move, it's two weeks today and the improvement in his coat is visible.¬† He has never been a great eater but is now finishing these meals within an hour of putting them down. Diesel appears a lot calmer and more relaxed.¬† We did purchase some lamb ribs as a treat and to our surprise he appeared to enjoy one in the garden one Saturday afternoon while we were gardening. We hadn't seen my brother for some weeks and he visited this weekend.¬† Diesel is very fond of him, it was difficult to stop him getting excited.¬† We did remove his toy (stinky and co) before my brother arrived. I will continue to update you.¬† I shall be passing your details to my colleague Anna who has a wayward dog!¬† I have told her that she needs the training not the dog.¬† She has been using a Plymouth trainer for some weeks and has seen only a slight improvement. Once again Sandra, thank you.¬† I believe as you told us, with consistency things will continue to improve.¬† Although both David and myself are delighted with our progress and are starting to enjoy Diesels company once again.   Kindest regards, Sharon & David

Sharon & David, Plymouth, Devon - Barking, stranger aggression, lead walking

              Dear Sandra,¬† just a few lines to say thank you so much for your visit.¬† Teddy and Flossie are so much better behaved now.¬† They are 15 weeks old today and have come on leaps and bounds since Monday.¬† They now have a play pen and are enjoying the wet food.¬† The kibble has been abandoned.¬† I will have to retrain my visitors as they like dogs jumping all over them.¬† This just will not do now!¬† Onwards and upwards from today. Just sending a copy of the photo the groomers took.¬† You can see Flossie is resisting her lead!   Thank you again, Regards Jan P.

Mr & Mrs P. Exmouth, Devon.

New dog!¬† We have a new dog!¬† Well...he's actually the same dog but you'd never know it.¬† In one session, George went from being 'top dog - can't tell me what to do, jump-jump, bite-bite, bark-bark, run around like a loony; to calm, quiet, obedient and just plain lovely.¬† Occasional transgressions are dealt with speedily and effectively.   Thank you Sandra, this training session means so much to us.  

  • Photo to follow...

Mr & Mrs B. C. Dowsett, Honiton. - Lovely George, throwing his weight around, thought he was king pin. He's so much happier now he knows his place within his pack

If it hadn't been for Sandra Teddy wouldn't be with us now.  He was already up for re-homing as we couldn't cope no longer with his dominant behaviour...he would snarl and bite, chase anything that moved, joggers, people, anything that had wheels, barking and growling whilst doing this, in fact it was very intimidating and at times scary! Well, one session with Sandra completely changed mine and Teddy's life around, he's a very happy, contented little dog, no more chasing or biting and even looks happy when praised!  Just a few simple changes, unbelievable the difference.  I'm in charge now and Teddy does what I say!!   One more thing, Teddy is only a Yorkshire terrier X but behaved like a feral animal! Thank you very much Sandra.

Mr & Mrs L. Campbell, Newton Abbot. - Aggression towards everything! Barking, pulling. * This photo of Teddy is an old one which shows him wearing an anti-bark collar, which didn't work and in fact made his behaviour worse!

Dear Sandra,

We cannot thank you enough for teaching us yesterday. It is amazing, Arthur is a different dog today, him and Ollie have been playing rolling each other around and chasing each other. Fantastic results in 24hrs.  Thank you so much.

Mr & Mrs C & I Peters, Plymouth - Arthur is a lovely rehomed Dachshund who brought with him some rather worrying behaviour traits. Luckily for him his new owners sought help early on. Arthur can now look forward to his new happy life. He now belongs to a strong stable pack with clear rules and boundaries.

We can't thank you enough.  Henry seems so much more relaxed now he knows his place.  We took a walk down to Lidl and back and it was amazing.  It was a pleasure to walk him, he's really getting it already.  We also managed to watch a program about Vets, which had lots of animals on. So happy!

J. T. Barnstaple, Devon  - Barking, Jumping up, Growling, Pulling on lead.

      Hi Sandra, I cannot explain how pleased we are with the results so far! ¬†Barking stops at the first command, problems getting better each day with the "front door behaviour" and both dogs seem a lot happier now. ¬†After you left Archie was a little bit withdrawn but has fully recovered to his normal self and Lily got her head round her new situation very quickly this week. ¬†We had to go to the Vet this week and their behaviour was so much better than on previous visits, we are so very pleased. Once again thank you for your help. Kind regards, John & Felicity. Pinhoe, Exeter.    

John & Felicity Coomber, Pinhoe, Exeter - Barking, aggression, jumping up

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