Hi Sandra, Thank you so much for coming here to sort us and our dogs out.¬† We had our first evening on our dog free settee and dinner without dogs jumping all over us.¬† Our first night sleeping in our dog free bed and without any growling from the dogs.This is brilliant our dogs are adapting already. Thank you so much again.  

Mr & Mrs S. A. Plymouth - Stranger aggression, sibling rivalry, unruly behaviour.

    Sandra very clearly and patiently helped me to re-establish the 'leader' relationship I should be having with my lovely 7-year old Cocker Spaniel, Sam. She spent a lot of time observing both of us, discussing the problem areas with me and explaining what I was doing wrong, followed by practical exercises for some immediate change. She was also very clear that it would take patience and consistency to keep his behaviours on course - we are practicing every day! Kind approach, good results (as long as you work at it) and I am so glad that I involved Evolution in helping us.

Nicola M. Torquay, Devon - Barking, jumping up, lead walking, recall.

Hello Sandra, Bumper has spent all day sleeping in his bed without being told to go there.¬† He was obviously exhausted (as was I)¬† I called him out and took him for about 15 mins to the park.¬† He was looking at me and watching me the whole time.¬† The slightest correction from me did the trick when he even thought about another dog.¬† We even met his arch enemy - not a problem.¬† I only used the additional correction once in the park when he forgot himself and it totally worked.¬† He is a different dog.¬† You could forget he's in the house.¬† He came out to say hello to my friend Peg and sniffed her bum.¬† I did a slight correction and he took himself off to bed.¬† Peg was astonished, he drove us mad with barking last time she was here.¬† I called him out a little later to say hello nicely and he was very polite and then went back to his bed.¬† I even took him out to the park in the dark when he would normally be very alert/ nervous and he was as cool as a cucumber.¬† He waited for me to go out of the gate first.¬† I took him off the lead and said 'go home' and he trotted up the lane by my side to the house.¬† He sat and waited for me to go in the door.¬† When we got in he just went back to his bed.   You have changed our life.   Thank you,   Helen

Mrs A H Jones, Ivybridge - Barking, aggression, jumping up

              We can't quite believe we have the same dog.¬† He is not perfect by any means but with a little time and patience we are getting there.¬† He is much calmer. The new diet is going down well.¬† We have had people come to the gate and he is very well behaved. Now and again we just need to remind him, our neighbours who love the dogs both came in the gate and he didn't jump up or cause mayhem.¬† The same with two guys who were delivering something. I've attached four photos, Pheobe was more cooperative than Grayson as you can see but I will try and get some better ones. We took both dogs to the home where mum is and the residence loved them.¬† Both dogs were very good except it was teatime and they both sneaked a custard cream! We can't thank you enough Sandra.¬† I will keep you updated (if that's okay) and please use the photos on your website and out comments.

Mr & Mrs Horner, Cullompton - Barking, jumping up

Hi Sandra, I hope this email finds you well?  I did promise to give you a progress report after the initial two weeks of practicing what you taught me. I'm really happy to report that Benny has improved  enormously, there is still work to do of course but I now feel confident in what I am doing.  Benny is far more responsive to me and appears to be happier in himself rather than stressing out about everything.  Many thanks.

Mr. R.C. Exmouth - Barking, guarding the front door, pulling on the lead, boisterous behaviour

Dear Sandra,  Thank you for coming out to see us the other week.  Everything that you said and did made total sense to both myself and it seems Lucy and Teddy!  As you know I never intended to have two puppies at the same time and from the same litter but as you know it just happened that way, after all how hard could it be?  Well it was hard!  Both dogs were not at all interested in doing anything I asked as they only had eyes for each other, I was just there to provide bed and lodging! After spending almost four hours with us everything has changed, I am now in control of my own front door, garden gate, visitors, kitchen work surfaces, sofa etc. Walks are now a pleasure instead of a battle of wills and physical strength.  Both Dan and I are practicing the recall exercise with each dog in turn exactly as instructed by you and its working!  Both Lucy and Teddy are coming in from the garden the minute they are called.  No more trying to entice them in with treats at 11 pm every night! I will keep you updated and thank you again.

Mr & Mrs D. T. Axminster. - Barking, jumping up, lead walking, recall.

                  Hi Sandra,¬† I just wanted to thank you very much for yesterday's training.¬† It was so informative and helpful.¬† Bohdi is transformed!¬† He has had his raw food breakfast and is fast asleep in his bed!¬† He sat patiently when I let him out, waiting for me to say he could go through to door.¬† It's just up to me now to put it all into practice... and keep it up! Best wishes, Sarah

Mrs Sarah O - Mouthing hard, growling, jumping up, pulling on lead, dog/child distracted,

Dear Sandra, I am so sorry to have taken so long to contact you after our training session.¬† I have religiously followed the rules about being the leader in all things and generally it all works fine.¬† I walk then now on a short lead which makes life a great easier.¬† I can stop them from lunging and barking at cars, people and some dogs.¬† The dog problem is much better usually but sometimes spectaculary bad.¬† I think it is because I am not ready to do the right thing when someone comes around a corner with a dog.¬† However, I have taken them into busy areas where people walk their dogs so I am hoping that this area of behaviour will improve with practice. One day we met a Jack Russell (they have been bitten by one) and they behaved beautifully.¬† I think to a achieve these results with older dogs and deeply ingrained habits is truly wonderful. Thank you for invaluable help.  

Mrs V. MacKenzie - Barking, lead walking, dog distraction

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