Hi Sandra,¬† I just wanted to thank you very much for yesterday's training.¬† It was so informative and helpful.¬† Bohdi is transformed!¬† He has had his raw food breakfast and is fast asleep in his bed!¬† He sat patiently when I let him out, waiting for me to say he could go through to door.¬† It's just up to me now to put it all into practice... and keep it up! Best wishes, Sarah

Mrs Sarah O - Mouthing hard, growling, jumping up, pulling on lead, dog/child distracted,

Dear Sandra, I am so sorry to have taken so long to contact you after our training session.¬† I have religiously followed the rules about being the leader in all things and generally it all works fine.¬† I walk then now on a short lead which makes life a great easier.¬† I can stop them from lunging and barking at cars, people and some dogs.¬† The dog problem is much better usually but sometimes spectaculary bad.¬† I think it is because I am not ready to do the right thing when someone comes around a corner with a dog.¬† However, I have taken them into busy areas where people walk their dogs so I am hoping that this area of behaviour will improve with practice. One day we met a Jack Russell (they have been bitten by one) and they behaved beautifully.¬† I think to a achieve these results with older dogs and deeply ingrained habits is truly wonderful. Thank you for invaluable help.  

Mrs V. MacKenzie - Barking, lead walking, dog distraction

Hi Sandra, Many thanks for the time you spent with us on 17th October. I am a few days late in giving this feedback to you as Treacle had a slightly unsettled week during the week we saw you. I am really pleased to say that the training is working well. The first couple of times that Treacle saw the dog she always barked at we followed the training and she stopped barking quite quickly. Since then we have been in fairly close proximity to this dog on three separate occasions and although she has looked at him there has been no barking or pulling on the lead. I must admit that I have felt far more confident when approaching other dogs and Treacle's behaviour has been very good, making our walks much more relaxed and a great pleasure. We never take treats with us now - something that she got used to very quickly.  Thank you again for your help. Just an interesting addition to the ongoing story of her relationship with the other dog, she saw him going into his garden yesterday and behaved extremely well- showing interest but no barking or pulling.  The other dog's owner shut the gate but stood there to speak to me. Treacle still behaved well. It was the other dog who barked and rushed at her from behind the gate.  Treacle did bark back at that point, but I felt that on this occasion she was justified. I walked her away from the situation and she was fine again, and didn't even look back.  Thank you again for getting us to this stage.

Mr P. & Mrs G. Barker - Barking, lead walking, dog distraction

Hi Sandra, thanks for your help last Wednesday.¬† Millie is on a raw diet now and in the main she seems to be fine on it and enjoying it.¬† As far as her behaviour goes, its quite astonishing.¬† She is walking well on the lead and responds¬† if she gets ahead of me with a soft vocal correction.¬† She sits in the footwell of my car even when I am on my own and makes no attempt to move out of there.¬† She has only once jumped up to our window sill to bark and a quick loud correction and she stopped immediately and got down.¬† She has occasionally jumped up onto the back of our chair but responded well when we say the word. For the first few days we hardly had to correct her...it was quite spectacular but as she relaxed a little she started to fall back to her old ways but we are back on track again now. When my son visited yesterday, when she would normally be extremely bouncy, I was able to stop any jumping up even though she was obviously highly excited. Finally she seems much less agitated when encountering other dogs when out walking.¬† There are a few local dogs that she initially wants to bark at but if I do an correction she does return and focus on me. So all in all things are improving all the time and we are determined to keep it that way. P.S. We bought a new dog bed for our front room and she slept all night in that one last night. Thanks again.  

Mr & Mrs P. F. Exminster. - Barking, aggression, jumping up

Hi Sandra, thanks for your time when you came out to train us! Paddy was a bit subdued for the next two days (as was Peter) but both bounced back to their normal cheerful selves. We have been practicing your training techniques and are very pleased to report on success, we have used the techniques to stop unwanted licking of the dishwasher, unwanted barking, pestering, barging through doors and pulling on the lead. And no treats; what a difference! Walking is now a pleasure with no tugging. If he forgets himself and runs ahead through a door he corrects himself running back in time to let me through. An electrician came to do some work and Paddy started growling when he arrived, so I corrected him and reinforced using the techniques you showed me, he immediately stopped and accepted the electrician, being friendly, tail wagging etc. This is a huge improvement. He has been complimented when out and about as very well trained!! Also, Paddy is now raw fed, he always did love mealtimes but is extra keen on the new diet. We have a raw food supplier less than a mile away so it couldn't be easier, fingers crossed the diet clears his allergic yeast reaction, his ears feel cooler to the touch already after a week and there is less yeasty discharge, so fingers crossed. Huge thank you again, Clare.  

Mr & Mrs H. Iveybridge - Barking, stranger aggression, lead walking

Hi Sandra, I just want to start with a massive thank you!¬† It was really great to meet you. As you know I did cancel our first session date because I was concerned that I would be getting more of the same, by that I mean treat training, I was told at the time of booking that you wouldn't be using treats but I must admit I really couldn't imagine how on earth you could help me without a selection of chicken, sausage, and the dreaded liver cake! After yet another stressful weekend living with the hyper Frankie I almost begged you to book me in again, you said yes of course, for which I say 'thank you'. Well!¬† The result without a food treat reward in sight was nothing less than jaw dropping!¬† The months of food treats taken from my hand had in fact produced an unruly bully who thought nothing of grabbing my arm, ragging my clothes often catching and bruising my skin (even causing me to bleed on several occasions) Frankie had no respect for me and treated me just like a lower placed pack member. Everything that you taught me (yes, I do mean me and not Frankie!!) made so much sense, more importantly it made total sense to Frankie.   You can rest assured that I and my husband will be following your detailed training plan to the very letter over the coming weeks and beyond.¬† You know dogs and how they think, but more importantly how they view the human world, as I see it that is what changed my Frankie into an absolute pleasure. Thank you again and I will be in touch soon with a progress report. With our very best wishes, Pat, Terry and Frankie x

Mr & Mrs S. Exeter Devon - Barking, aggression, jumping up, recall, lead walking, separation anxiety

Hello Sandra, Thank you so much for your visit two weeks ago, it was a pleasure to meet you. Diesel is much improved.¬† We are trying hard to be consistent and life has been chaotic in the house as we are having our bathroom replaced.¬† This has meant strangers in the house!¬† Previously this would have been a¬†nightmare, it hasn't been without its blips but has been much improved. We switched Diesels diet immediately to raw food.¬† We believe this has been another positive move, it's two weeks today and the improvement in his coat is visible.¬† He has never been a great eater but is now finishing these meals within an hour of putting them down. Diesel appears a lot calmer and more relaxed.¬† We did purchase some lamb ribs as a treat and to our surprise he appeared to enjoy one in the garden one Saturday afternoon while we were gardening. We hadn't seen my brother for some weeks and he visited this weekend.¬† Diesel is very fond of him, it was difficult to stop him getting excited.¬† We did remove his toy (stinky and co) before my brother arrived. I will continue to update you.¬† I shall be passing your details to my colleague Anna who has a wayward dog!¬† I have told her that she needs the training not the dog.¬† She has been using a Plymouth trainer for some weeks and has seen only a slight improvement. Once again Sandra, thank you.¬† I believe as you told us, with consistency things will continue to improve.¬† Although both David and myself are delighted with our progress and are starting to enjoy Diesels company once again.   Kindest regards, Sharon & David

Sharon & David, Plymouth, Devon - Barking, stranger aggression, lead walking

              Dear Sandra,¬† just a few lines to say thank you so much for your visit.¬† Teddy and Flossie are so much better behaved now.¬† They are 15 weeks old today and have come on leaps and bounds since Monday.¬† They now have a play pen and are enjoying the wet food.¬† The kibble has been abandoned.¬† I will have to retrain my visitors as they like dogs jumping all over them.¬† This just will not do now!¬† Onwards and upwards from today. Just sending a copy of the photo the groomers took.¬† You can see Flossie is resisting her lead!   Thank you again, Regards Jan P.

Mr & Mrs P. Exmouth, Devon.

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