Hi Sandra, Thank you for all your help and advice with Pablo today, very much appreciated. I will email you in a week or so on Pablo's on going progress.  Best wishes..

Ms V. K. & A. Barton, Torquay. - Barking inside at all noises, barking at some prople/ dogs aggressively when out.

FlintHi Sandra, Good to meet you too, you should have a shrine so all about can come and worship you.   So, already a massive improvement, had a first white tiny poo this morning, which freaked me right out.¬† Didn't smell, so good stuff now in his system. Lead work coming on, and barking greatly reduced. He loves his chicken wings, giving him two meals a day outside as you suggested. Still issues around his tail, growling during eating, and going for it when he's finished although a slight improvement, This morning instead of trying to stop him, I let him be to see if my anxiety hovering over him was adding to the problem. That seemed to work a bit, he was only doing it for about 1 min. Catherine is asking about getting him into the crate, we correct but he sits under the table, a bit defiantly. In the end I just picked him up and put him in, he barked and tried to nip as I closed the door so I corrected him again and he settled right down.¬† What's the correct technique? Generally we have a confused dog going through a total change, so it's going to take a bit of time, we are confident he will be a great dog in the end. Kisses and a curtsey, Adam.

C. & A. V. Manaton  - Trainers note: Flint is a five and a half month BC puppy who was attacking his tail whilst eating causing significant damage. He was also beginning to use aggression directed towards his owners. Flint's owners did the right thing for Flint by calling in a professional behaviourist before the behaviour became an ingrained habit. By making a few changes to Flin's daily life and teaching his owners how to express passive leadership along with how to communicate to Flint in way he understands the future looks bright for both Flint and his loving owners.

ArchieHi Sandra,  I just wanted to thank you for your valuable help today. We bought Archie a new half check collar and lead and this evening we went for the most enjoyable walk with Archie on the lead for a very long time!  He was an absolute pleasure and responded well to the new commands.  We walked through a couple of areas that I have avoided for months as he would normally drag me through these particular spots, but to our delight he kept to our side on a nice loose lead. For ease until we get a system in place, we picked up some frozen meat from the Natures menu range and I have never seen him enjoy his tea as much as he did tonight.  I will update you again in a couple of weeks and we will follow your advice and keep to lead walks only for the next six weeks.  Many thanks again Sandra and I will keep you posted!  Kind regards, C. B

Mr & Mrs. B. Kingsteignton, Newton Abbot. - Recall, pulling on the lead, jumping up.

Hi Sandra, he (and we!) are doing very well.  You were right the sulk didn't last long.  We don't need to correct anymore for the doors, he just automatically does it which is just amazing.  The other things are going ok we just need to keep at it.  Lead walking is better but still a bit up and down so will keep going with it all. He also loves his chicken wings! Thanks again, A

Mr. & Mrs A. N. Dawlish - Barking, jumping, pulling on lead, recall

Hello,  Lovely to meet you on Tuesday.  I felt inspired and full of hope after your visit. You clearly explained what I need to do, and I could see even in the time you were with us a more positive reaction from Reg to the training. Thanks, R

Mr. R.C. Widdicombe-in-the-moor - Barking, lead walking, recall, stock chasing

Good morning Sandra, Buddy sulked the rest of the day! He didn't bark once after you left.  This morning he barked once in the back garden because he heard another dog barking.  He was much better on his walk this morning I managed to get passed another German shepherd without too much reaction which was great.  I'm so pleased with his progress so far, I only wish I'd found you 18 months ago. Thanks very much for yesterday.

Mr & Mrs N. Liverton, Nr Newton Abbot, Devon  - Barking, pulling on lead, luinging/barking at dogs and some people

Best decision I ever made was to contact Sandra - only wish I had done it sooner, my pack was totally different within the first few hours of meeting her.  Very grateful - a fantastic service and great value for a peaceful, loving and controlled environment.

Mr R.D. Sampford Peverell, Nr Tiverton - Barking, lead walking

Hi Sandra - I just wanted to update you on Georgie's progress following your visit on 30 March. She is doing really well. No longer launching herself out of the patio doors into the garden but sitting back until I tell her that she can go out. Also sitting and waiting away from the front door while I get my shoes/boots on and am outside and have told her that she can come out. She is not yipping when she hears pheasants but still some reaction if she (rarely) sees deer or sometimes when we're at the beach and she does have a fascination with sea birds. I am able to change her focus just by correcting her and rattling the training discs and rarely have to throw them. I did change her diet to a raw food diet, and I do feel that she has become calmer as a result. I have  let her off the lead once on the beach where there were no other dogs/people and she did run off to investigate the birds down in the sea but soon came back. Another time I let her off the lead in an open part of the walk we do in the morning and she just continued to walk alongside me!  Other times, I have let her lead trail along the ground and she has just walked along beside me.  So we are making real progress. Best wishes

Ms C.C. Bideford. - Rescue dog from Romania, barking, recall, jumping up

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