Hello Sandra,  both Malcolm and I must thank you for helping us to correct Alfie.  What a success so far.  Walking him up the road is a pleasure and as to him dashing to the front door when someone comes in what a difference it has made.  It feels like we have a different Alfie.  Thank you once again.   Kind regards

Mr & Mrs D. Torquay, Devon - lead walking, jumping up, recall

Hi Sandra,  Just giving you an update on how things are going with our little group.  It has been over five weeks since you visited us.  Things have gone well, although not perfect it has been a vast improvement. All in all we are really pleased with how things have gone so far and we will be continuing the training for some time to come - if not forever! Walking the dogs is once again a real pleasure. Another bonus is their in house behaviour which has also vastly improved.  When visitors arrive they are greeted warmly without 'shouting' or jumping up, then after about a minute all is quiet and calm. Although not perfect we could not be more pleased with how things have gone so far.  Thank you for all your help and advice. Kind regards  

Mr & Mrs J. Plymouth, Devon - barking, recall, jumping up, lunging

Thank you so much Sandra, you've changed US for the better!  And now our little Maggie can be happy :) would recommend to anyone and everyone!

Ms L.E. Oliver, Plympton, Plymouth

Aisha (1 of 1)I contacted Sandra because I was struggling to manage my dog Aisha, a stray found on the streets of Rwanda, who had literally been running wild on walks in and around Exeter since arriving here in December.  I had fooled myself into thinking I had some element of control but when I saw her running along the road far into the distance, out of hearing range I realised I was not only out of control but was also putting Aisha at serious risk of being injured or killed.  As Sandra noted on her first visit Aisha 'had me well trained!' My main concern was recall but it soon became clear that I had no lead control, her barking was excessive and she had an issue with jumping up at people.  Family and friends entering my home were 'overwhelmed' by the welcome.  I can honestly say that six weeks after starting the training with Aisha I have now mastered three out of the four problems.  We are working on the distance control but I am confident I have the tools I need to make future off lead walks more relaxed, fun and above all safe.  I am now master in my own house and I highly recommend you contact Sandra if you have any behavioural issues with your dog as Sandra will work wonders!

Ms N. Pinder, Exeter.

Have just got back from a wonderfully controlled dog walk, Maggie truly is a different dog.  She is more relaxed and totally chilled out. How can I thank you Sandra (AKA wonder woman)  You really were our saviour.  Thank-you seems so miniscule. To anyone thinking of contacting you, don't wait any longer, do it, you will be amazed, I was. Again thanks,    

S.B - St Austell

photoHi Sandra, we would just like to thank you for our training session today.  After you left I took Dougie for a walk, where for the first time ever he walked behind us!  He needed some correcting but we can see a vast improvement already.  Once home our neighbour knocked at the door, Dougie did not bark at all, he did escape up the stairs!!!  But even when our neighbour came in……no barking!!  He has not been too impressed with not being allowed on furniture, but is learning!  We have even left him downstairs for five minutes and no barking!!  Thank you so much for all the advice and tips,  I hope he will be obedient tonight at bedtime!  Our neighbour could not believe the difference!  I just hope we can keep on top of it. Thanks again 

Claire and Wayne - Plymouth

TobyHi Sandra, many thanks for coming last Thursday and helping us with Toby, he is responding well to the new regim, he no longer jumps up for his lead.  We have started him on raw, gradually reducing the james wellbeloved.  Today was the first day he wasn’t sick in the car.  All three dogs are responding to the new boundries we have set.  Will keep you informed of his progress, Toby seems a much more settled dog as does Lucy.  Thanks again  

Ian and Marion - Newton Abbot, Devon

Hi Sandra, just thought I would let you know how we are getting on.  Odie has been brilliant!  It’s like you have flicked a switch, he’s virtually perfect, we are just praying this continues.  It’s only been a week but he has gone from a stressed guard dog to a chilled, well fed, happy dog (our local butcher sells chicken carcasses for 70p a kg)  We didn’t have much of a problem with recall and pulling on the lead but since the training he’s been so much better with both of these, thanks again for your help and I will be recommending your services to everyone with dog problems!! 

Emma and Julian - Torquay, Devon

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