IMG_0518A quick background.  I am the owner of two (litter brother and sister) Bouvier des Flandres aged two and a half, so technically still puppies.  As the male weighs 45kg and the female 36kg having control of them is of paramount importance – particularly as I only weigh 55kg myself! I had reached the stage where leaving the house was a frenzy, anybody passing the house/walking up the drive/ringing the doorbell caused a frenzy, leaving the car boot was a fight, chasing squirrels, cats, rabbits and small dogs (mistaken for rabbits) became their passion to the detriment of my arms and piece of mind. I decided enough was enough and to do something before they became a dangerous pack.  I contacted Sandra who came to my house.  She worked with me and my husband and showed us how to ensure that the two legged members of the pack were top ( me, my husband and twelve year old girls) and the dogs were bottom.  Sandra first spend an hour explaining how she worked and how her methods are formulated.  My husband and I then put the methods into practice. Once we had gained top dog position in the home, we progressed to outside.  We took the dogs to various flashpoint situations but as we had secured top dog position in the house, they followed our lead outside immediately!  It felt like a miracle. It has been a week now and we are still in the early stages of reprogramming but the change has been profound. I cannot recommend Sandra highly enough.  Three or four hours with her produces excellent results, months and months of conventional dog training had no effect whatsoever. 

Ann Flanagan - Dawlish, Devon

DSCF6408Hi Sandra,  just thought I would drop you a line to thank you for your help with Ki, from the moment you left us, our beautiful dog was totally reformed, he now joins us in the lounge, respects his place within the household, we hardly ever use the discs and the sofa now belongs to us.  No more mouthing, I could go on and on, so thank you very much for your help and advice. Best wishes  

Sharon P. - Plymouth, Devon

colliesWe contacted Sandra as a last resort after many years of battling with our lovely Collies hyperactivity before walks and continuous barking once out on walks at people, bikes, cars, dogs – well anything really!  With two dogs and a two and a half year old little girl to get out of the door mornings had become almost unbearable.  Well, what can I say?  I wish I had heard about Sandra sooner.  The results were almost instant and her visit was life changing for us.  She made a very astute assessment of both our dogs and their interaction with myself and each other.  It was a fascinating insight into two animals I thought I knew so well and really put the training we would do into context for me which makes it much easier to apply.  We are still a work in progress and had some ‘bumps’ along the way (all human error!) but our family (human and canine) are far happier and more relaxed in all situations.  I’ve had so many comments on our usual walks about the improvement in both dogs behaviour.  Sandra, your visit has changed how I will interact with all dogs I own now, and into the future.  Thank you, I hope you have a happy new year.

Clair and family - x x

Hi Sandra, How can we thank you enough for what you did with Lucky our cockapoo on Monday.  We now have a dog that walks well on a lead and is well mannered.  She responds well with the warning and we have not had to use the discs once.  She is great in the car and sits quietly when we go anywhere for coffee (fantastic)  We are now able to leave her in the utility room at night without any problems and if we go out alone.  We have really started to enjoy life with her. Many thanks 

S & S. S. - Plymouth

20140809_174023-1Sandra recently came to see my daughter and I and our four Whippets (two aged three years, two aged eighteen months) at my daughters home.  Although individually they are quite good with recall and obedience, when walked together they often become an ill mannered pack.  We also had issues with jumping up, barking and greeting visitors in a boisterous manner. Sandra quickly assessed the situation by observing their behaviour and indicated that the dogs were confused as regards to the issue of leadership, which is essential for them to view us with respect. Once we started to work on this with simple but effective commands and corrections using voice control and body language primarily, the results were seen immediately and are easy for us to put into regular practice. We have been working on various aspects concerning their behaviour/recall/manners for the past week or so and can see that success stems from them accepting us as leaders.  The continued success depends on our efforts in putting Sandra’s methods into practice continually but we are already able to see an improvement in their behaviour and their attitude towards us. If, like us, you are overwhelmed by so much ‘dog training’ advice available today, some of which seems over complicated, and is ineffective; then you would do well to contact Sandra.  Not only does she have an amazing understanding of canines and their needs, but she has good people skills too – something not always apparent in dog trainers/behaviourists. We thoroughly enjoyed our session – time and money well spent!

S. & K. F. Nr. -  Torrington, Devon

Hi Sandra, Update, Drake is a new dog, took him out for a walk yesterday and after one stutter all was good.  Sue went shopping today and when she returned I put the training plan into action and we walked all the way downstairs with the shopping with no incident, Drake stayed in the bedroom with the door open until we called him down, he was still then very calm.  New food regime started. Thanks again, he is a different dog and even more of a joy to be around, what a change in such a short time. * Note from Sandra – this came in approximately one week after the training session; “Hi Sandra, we have double glazing chap’s in today who are fitting a new front door and glazed window, they turned up this morning and one command to Drake and he stayed downstairs and just kept an eye on them, made no attempt to come up stairs, amazing, we are so pleased with the training schedule you gave us, he is also still walking, thanks again.”

M & S. H.  - Dawlish, Devon

Dear Sandra, I cannot possibly thank you enough for the marvellous and highly beneficial change in Aura.  You managed to transform OUR behaviour in just a few hours and we are both happy now that I am top dog!  Aura is luckily very intelligent and quick on the uptake.  I have been practicing and maintaining control of Aura and she has not woofed at all when we are in the car.  She is also continuing to walk by my leg on lead and the correction noise I make is like a magic wand!  I promise to continue with these new behaviours as they are evidently making our lives a whole lot easier and enjoyable. Many heartfelt thanks

MS. J. R. B. - Diptford

Just to say a big thank you for what you achieved today with our lovely Shelties.  They are both learning really quickly especially Ted, who seems to be so much more relaxed and calm even around Bonnie and for the first time in a long while he sat on Ali’s lap “only after being invited” for a good half hour completely relaxed.  David came home and neither dog jumped up or barked!  Ted has only barked the once since you left when he heard people running and shouting down the road but stopped immediately when Ali corrected him. We have a totally different Ted and he appears to be much happier and certainly less anxious than before.  Both Ali and I feel terrible that we put all that responsibility onto him without realising.  Hopefully with your help we now have a pair of well behaved, calm submissive dogs who actually like being so rather than taking the lead. Thank you once again.  It’s absolutely brilliant and we are so grateful.

A & S. S. Yeoford - Nr Crediton

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