Here is a short video of my three dogs Sunny, Nessa and little Heidi demonstrating sit, stay and recall.


Every dog is born with its own unique personality from confident to timid, very much like humans. A timid dog will always be timid, the same as a confident dog will always be confident and test the boundaries!

The training techniques I use are based on the way dogs communicate to each other. This means that you will be taught how to communicate to your dog using your voice tone and body language. It makes sense really, rather than spending months (sometimes years) trying to teach your dog English and how to be human why not learn how to ‘speak dog?’

Once the lines of communication are opened between you and your dog all that’s needed from you is a commitment to your dog’s training plan. A little time set aside every day to practice the techniques taught to you and consistency with the house rules, you will then experience a lasting change in your dog’s behaviour.

My approach to helping any dog is holistic. Neither harsh physical methods, nor any type of correction collar/lead are used, ever. Just body language and voice tone, along with a few simple rules and boundaries for the dog to follow.

Each training program is tailored to suit you and your dog’s individual needs and abilities within your own home/territory.

A well behaved dog is a joy to live with. Most dogs are more than happy to change. They just need to understand what is required.

Don’t just put up with your dog/puppy. Be proud of it!

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