Why do dogs need training?

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Big or small all dogs need training. Why do dogs need training?  Dogs know how to be dogs, they can’t be anything else!  Once we take a puppy/dog into a human pack we must be prepared to take on the responsibility of teaching it how to be a dog living in a human pack.

Training builds a bond between dog and owner. Training exercises the brain, dogs are thinking animals who live by their canine instincts, training moulds those natural instincts.  Dogs can never be little people in hairy coats (why would we want them to be!!?)

I love to ‘dog watch’.  Watching dog and owner just enjoying (?) a walk tells me so much about that ‘special’ bond between dog and owner.  Where does the dog choose to place itself? Slightly behind it’s owner?  By it’s owners side?  A little way in front?  A long way in front?  Pulling on the lead, scrabbling with it’s front paws in an effort to ‘get there first?’ How many times does the dog look at it’s owner, or even acknowledge that it’s owner is part of the walk?

Dogs need to please us, dogs need to feel included, dogs need to know what they should do, they want to live a calm, well ordered pack where there are rules and boundaries.

Please don’t just love your dog, take the time to train it too

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