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IMGP0212For the pet dog living within a mixed species pack, understanding the rules becomes confusing.  We, as humans attempt to teach our values.  The dog is only capable of learning on a canine level and can only understand canine values.  Mostly, we muddle by and it is a tribute to the dog that it eventually learns to live with such inconsistent and confusing creatures such as ourselves!

Baring in mind that canine language in general consists of a variety of signals using, movement, sounds, tail, face, ears, body and expression it is easy to understand just how confusing our actions must be – little wonder people are sometimes bitten.  If we take the time to learn the signals they use with each other and then use them ourselves, we increase our ability to communicate with our dog.

If you are having trouble communicating with your dog why not call Effective dog training Devon? Don’t waste your time trying to teach your dog how to be more human and how to understand English.  Why not, as the saying goes ‘be more dog!’

Effective dog training Devon 07804  135 728


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